About DMLS Rapid

Founded in 2017, DMLS Rapid is a Bengaluru-based Metal 3D Printing Consulting Service Company having offices in Hyderabad and even in Buckinghamshire, UK. It aims to leverage its knowledge and expertise in metal 3D printing by helping those customers who are not aware of the technicalities of the metal 3D printing technology. It wants companies to check out the superior features they offer and experience the joy of incorporating 3D printing into their processes.

This first-of-its-kind service in India will surely boost the adoption of 3D printing by manufacturers and will take the Indian 3D printing industry to the next level.

DMLS Rapid, as the name suggests, is focused mainly on providing metal 3D printing services. It urges the customers to register on the portal and upload their designs to receive a string of services like part analysis, price comparison, and quotation for the uploaded designs.

Why DMLS Rapid?

DMLS Rapid boasts of vastly experienced consultants from various fields like Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM), Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA), Production, and Management operations.

While speaking to Manufactur3D on the differentiating factor of the service, Mr. Srinivas G., Aerospace – Application Development Manager at DMLS Rapid said, “There are many e-commerce portals for 3D printing but all vendors are not validated whether they have machines. Our service was started so that clients can get quotes only from vendors who have machines – no middlemen and marketing companies to avoid layers.”

It helps companies to get through their 3D printing challenges, and relieves them from the lengthy and complex process of learning and getting the part 3D printed. DMLS Rapid, through its expert consultants, understands the requirement and the application and then suggests the most feasible solution in terms of the material, technology, post-processing requirement and even the service provider (from across the world).

The platform created by DMLS Rapid offers a unique solution wherein the customer and the vendor can interact and get regular updates about the various stages of operation. Simultaneously, both the parties get constant consulting from DMLS Rapid experts. The service bridges a very crucial gap which is absent in the Indian market. It is extremely difficult for a new customer to directly incorporate additive manufacturing process in their workflow. Almost all of the existing services are focussed only on 3D printing but not on educating the customer about the processes involved. DMLS Rapid fills this important gap by helping the customer in every step of the process.

Adding to his earlier point, Mr. Srinivas G., explained, “Clients can get quotes from genuine vendors so that their design data is safe and they have control on the project and delivery and details of traceability – raw material serial number used for each part is available which is required for audits.”

It is important to note that, DMLS Rapid only collaborates with genuine vendors who really have the machines and have the expertise to supply quality parts. So, customers are guaranteed to receive the best quality parts.

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